Summer, 2016

Summer, 2016

Hello, NCUS general members! I hope you enjoy the Summer 2016 edition of our newsletter.

Our board president, Mike Foster is currently in Kenya on an medical trip training and providing Ultrasound to remote areas. Check out his President’s Message for more information.

Nationally renown Communication Specialists, Juli Burney has written an article about Fear of Speaking and I encourage you to check it out especially if you have never spoken in public. New speakers are also welcome at our conferences and the fall symposium provides a more intimate setting for you to practice giving lectures.

Mark Saturday, October 22nd on your calendars and join us in Greenville, NC at the Eastern Carolina Heart Institute Conference Center for our fall symposium!

As always, I am available for your questions, comments, criticisms, submissions, and suggestions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The newsletter is print ready and easy to share with your co-workers, so get the word out!

Have a great summer!
Hudson O’Keefe, RDMS, RVT, BA

Global Health. This topic has now become part of our nation’s interest and efforts. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has about 1700 staff in 60 plus countries. They have a whole section on their website dedicated to it.

Why? As we say, Disease respects no borders.

Too few people realize that the health of Americans and the health of people around the world are inextricably linked. An outbreak in a country thousands of miles away can threaten the health of Americans here at home, just as a breakthrough medical discovery outside U.S. borders can lead to better treatment for diseases affecting Americans.

As a superpower and one of the richest countries on the planet, we have resources and access to medicine of which others can benefit.

One of those resources is ultrasound.

If you have ever been on a medical mission or spent time with people who have done so, many of them will tell you how valuable ultrasound can be in the field. Laboratory tests, X-rays, ECGs, and physical exams are vital to any healthcare situation, but ultrasound has a unique place in medicine.

It’s amazing how an ultrasound can guide the course of a patient’s care. The test mentioned above are often INDIRECT indicators of disease, whereas ultrasound can be more DIRECT. Even if it tells us what is NOT happening with the patient, this in itself is diagnostic and allows for more effective plan of care in a short amount of time.

Manufacturers have made ultrasound easily accessible to physicians. We now have ultrasound machines that are the size of laptops, tablets and even phones. This makes it very easy to carry on a plane, in a vehicle and pack in luggage. It’s also much more affordable than decades past.

I know this first hand. I have been traveling to Kenya for the past 6 years teaching and performing ultrasound in areas where there is limited or no access to the technology. Whether it’s helping with a clinic in rural Kenya, training sonographers at the local hospital, or helping with research into the feasibility of handheld ultrasound in a novice’s hands; ultrasound answers many questions that might have previously gone unanswered. I would encourage each of you to get involved in efforts that target ultrasound around the world. You can go on a medical trip, help coordinate staffing so someone else can go, adopt a sonographer or lab that could use your expertise, and/or give your financial support to all of the above. Ultrasound can change someone’s life not only here in North Carolina, but also across the world.

-Mike Foster, RCS, RCCS, RDCS, FASE, NCUS Board President

This year’s fall symposium will be held at the East Carolina Heart Institute Conference Center, 115 Heart Drive, Greenville, NC 27834 on Saturday, October 22nd. We hope to see you there!

For a copy of the brochure, click here.

Room Block available at the Holiday Inn Express, 909 Moye Blvd., Greenville

Link to on-line reservations or call  252-754-8300

Are you afraid of public speaking? Most people are. It is a fear we learned because of an embarrassing show and tell in elementary school, or perhaps an awkward presentation in middle school or even our parents forcing us to speak at a family reunion. Wherever the fear comes from it is something that we developed ourselves and something that we can overcome ourselves. We just have to give it a shot.

For me it was 10-minute entertainment speech that I had to do for my sophomore speech class. I gave the speech in a minute and a half and my teacher told me that I would never amount to anything. I fooled her. I now make my living as a professional speaker. Of course, I don’t remember my first few speeches because I was so afraid but people told me I did well, so I kept going. That’s one of the tricks. The more you get up, the less intimidating it is.

The North Carolina Ultrasound Society is currently the largest and most active state level professional sonography organization in the country. We strive to offer educational opportunities that feature nationally known speakers as well as sonography professionals within our own communities. There is no doubt that there is a positive influence and benefit of attending these conferences; but unfortunately for some, attendance is impossible due to financial hardship. To address this concern, on behalf of the North Carolina Ultrasound society, I would like to introduce, new for 2016, the North Carolina Ultrasound Society Foundation!

The NCUS Foundation mission is to provide educational opportunities in the field of diagnostic medical sonography to North Carolina sonographers and sonography students who otherwise may not be able to attend due to financial hardship. There is a lot of growth and potential for this Foundation moving forward. I envision one day the Foundation being a significant contributor to many deserving recipients annually. At this time, this Foundation will provide for the registration fees of 2 individuals to attend Spring Conferences, specifically one sonographer and one sonography student per year. There is an application process, and an application period, which is November 1st to December 31st. Check out for all the information.