Hello Everyone! I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying the warm summer weather. The Board of Directors met recently for one of our quarterly meetings and things are looking good for the upcoming meeting at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill on October 17th. We look forward to seeing you there AND be sure to bring a co-worker (or two)!!

As a reminder, the minutes from the Board meetings are available on our site. I want to encourage you to take a quick moment to read over them. You may find that you have some ideas about the society that you want to share, and the Board wants to hear from you!

On that same note, we are working on the Spring Symposium to be held at the Benton Center in Winston Salem. The success of our Symposiums falls mostly in the hands of the speakers we are able to enlist. As valuable members of our society, we listen to your comments on past speakers evaluations and try to re-enlist the ones you love!

Also, we are always looking for new speakers, with new material, to keep the variety of topics current. You may have heard or seen a great speaker somewhere else or know of someone who is a potential speaker for the NCUS meetings? Please send us their name and how to contact them… We will take care of the rest! After all, these meetings are for you, and aside from trying to find locations that appeal to most, the lecturers are the main attraction!

Have a safe and wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you in Chapel Hill!

Chris Mann RDCS, RCS, FASE
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