Summer, 2015

NCUS:  In what specialties are you certified?  What specialties do you practice?  How long have
 you been certified?
Elizabeth: I am certified as a radiologic technologist (ARRT) and registered as a RDCS and RDMS. My sonography certifications are in Adult and Pediatric Echocardiography (which are what I mainly practice now), Fetal Echocardiography, Abdomen, OB/GYN and Neurosonography. I obtained my certifications from 1982 through 2010.

NCUS: What do you like most about the sonography profession?
Elizabeth: I love creating images and discovering thru those images what problems a patient may have.

NCUS: What do you like least about the sonography profession?
Elizabeth: The changes in health care that have forced us to be more numbers oriented than focused on patient care.

NCUS: What, if anything, encourages you about the direction sonography is heading as a profession?
Elizabeth: Sonography is a continued leader in the top ten professions for employment around the country.

NCUS: What would you want to tell new sonographers and sonography students to encourage them?

Elizabeth: Sonography is a very rewarding and challenging field that will intellectually stimulate you and provide a lot of interaction with patients, one on one. Take every advantage in school to scan as much as possible so that you are ready for employment after graduation.

NCUS: What value do you receive from professional organizations such as the North Carolina Ultrasound Society?

Organizations like NCUS provide support and information that allows me to make informed decisions, advance my knowledge base, and network with other sonographers.

Congratulations, Elizabeth, on being the NCUS 2015 SEA Winner and thank you for your time sharing your thoughts and allowing us to know you a little.

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