Spring, 2017

 Happy Spring NCUS members and affiliates!

The Grove Park Inn is one of our favorite conference sites as it is such a beautiful location with very comfortable conference space. We had an awesome turnout with positive feedback on our 2017 Spring Symposium. So, a big shout out to everyone that contributed especially Mike Foster for his most generous contribution and in leading us to such a memorable event.
Reviews indicate the meeting was successful most notably because of the quality of our speakers, first ever NCUS live heart dissection, always competitive quiz bowl, and the post conference social.
I would like to welcome our new Board of Directors; Amy Dela Cruz, Angela Hansen, and Kathy Zeigler. We are looking forward to working with you in advancing NCUS goals for 2107/2018.
We as an organization want to customize the NCUS to your needs. By bringing in different topics and activities, we strive to make this, not only an educational meeting, but to create a social environment for you to make the contacts that will help you build and expand your career. Sonographer's skills are highly valued and students are quickly able to find their niche with an area that fits them best. Not many careers allow you a wide range of opportunity for personal satisfaction and growth all while making a positive impact on the lives of patients. I am looking forward to serving as the 2017/2018 president and working with such a professionally capable group of people as we have in the NCUS organization. Let’s all work together to make it the best it can be!
Congratulations to all of the following winners of the various opportunities during our Spring 2017 Symposium!
Thank you,
Cristy Webster
2017/2018 NCUS President

Scientific Exhibit:
First Place: Graves Disease by Melissa Bossen and Taylor Blanton (CFCC)
Second Place: Trisomy 21 and Soft Markers by Candace Moore and Allison Echeveste (CFCC)
Third Place: Cryoablation by Emily Bouchard (JCC)

First Place: True Aneurysm versus Pseudo aneurysm by Maria Julian (CFCC)
Second Place: HOCM by Cynthia Young (JCC)
Third Place: Cryoablation by Emily Bouchard (JCC)

Quiz Bowl :
General Team:
Jennifer Fuller
Margaret Collins
Meredith Knepp

Echo Team:
Jordan Beane
Jacob Smith
Krysti Mast

Drawing Winners
Jane Marshall: 50/50 ($302)
Devon Allred: Scentsy Candle
Debbie Calvin: Samsung Galaxy Tablet
Amanda Pierce: Sonicare Phillips
Jamie Moser: CCI NetterBook
Carol Snyder: OB Review
Rebecca Feher: Patient Care book by Steven Penny

Correct Case Study Diagnosis
Cody Collins