Spring, 2017

The mission of the North Carolina Ultrasound Society Foundation is to provide educational opportunities in the field of diagnostic medical sonography to North Carolina sonographers and sonography students. The NCUS Foundation offers some financial assistance allowing recipients to attend NCUS professional education conferences who may otherwise not be able to attend. We are very happy to introduce our first two NCUS Foundation recipients, Kaleen Hanke and Megan Owens. Both attended the 2017 Spring Symposium at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. We are very pleased with their eagerness to learn and their gratitude for the opportunity. They would like to share some thoughts on their experience.

First and fore most I would like to thank the foundation and the donors for the opportunity the grant gave me to attend the 2017 NCUS Spring Symposium. While at the conference I earned 17 CME’s and got exposure to new and exciting parts of sonography that I have not yet seen as a first-year student. My favorite lecture during the conference was Imaging the Acute Abdomen: From Thorax to Pelvis by Charlotte Henningsen. The material was interesting and I could follow along even though I am still in the early stages of my education. I also benefitted greatly from the Friday Physics lecture presented by Frederick Kremkau. I plan to take my SPI exam in the upcoming weeks and attending his lecture helped me grasp some of the more challenging topics of physics. Overall the symposium was an amazing experience that allowed me to get more exposure into the world of ultrasound, attend interesting lectures, and meet other NCUS members. I thoroughly look forward to attending next year in Myrtle Beach.

Thank you again,
Kaleen Hanke

First of all, let me start off by thanking the foundation for making it possible to attend the NCUS Conference this spring. The foundation made it possible for me to experience not only one day, but three consecutive days of teaching for the most prestigious colleagues. This experience benefitted me because it prepared me for my abdomen registry and discover new ways of looking at vascular techniques. I was able to obtain 10 CME’s that will benefit me when I begin to apply for jobs. Mani Montazemi taught me how to properly measure the cervix, the importance of documenting the cervix, and the relational anatomy of the cervix. I was able to meet Pat Washko who left a lasting vascular impression on me. His case studies and teachings kept me entertained throughout his lecture. I learned more about the pathology of vascular structures and how to properly scan venous exams. I enjoyed Wayne Leonhardt’s lecture on the sonographic evaluation of the hepatoportal system because it was a good review for abdomen boards. He created sayings that helped me memorize the pathophysiological changes of the liver with cirrhosis. This trip was an amazing and eye opening one for me. This was just a taste of what this career choice has to offer me. Thank you so very much for your support and help during the end of my school year and my transition into becoming a registered sonographer.
Thank you,
Megan Owens