Spring, 2015

I am the Dean of Allied Health and Interim Dean of Nursing at SPCC, I teach several classes within the Medical Sonography program, I have developed and will implement in the Fall 2015 the first MSK curriculum (for credit) program in the nation---this was a two year process and I have involved NCUS in this process. I am in my fourth year as a site visitor for JRCDMS.

I am at a point in my career and my life where I must choose between one of my volunteer positions (NCUS BOD and JRCDMS Site Visitor). I take my volunteer positions very serious and treat them as extra “jobs”, so although it has been a difficult choice to make, I chose not to run again for another term. I will be volunteering for extra JRCDMS site visits as they need site visitors desperately. Preparing for a site visit takes prior research and time, I must say no to something as my regular job is demanding as well.

I may be back when JRCDMS doesn’t need me as much. Lastly, know that my faculty and I are 100% committed to the NCUS mission and vision to be the best society and as educators to produce the best sonographers in the state of North Carolina and beyond.

During your tenure, what did the board do that you are most proud of?
Mentor/Mentee program as it was one of my major projects as a board member.

In addition, several of our key accomplishments during my tenure have been:

  • Bringing back “key note speakers”: Winston 2011
  • Hiring and retraining of new central office personnel
  • Bringing awareness and quality education of new modalities and specialties such as MSK and 3D/4D
  • Planning and implementation of quality meetings for our sonography community
  • Working together to continue as a strong society even in tough economic times and the list could go on…………………..

What are your hopes for the society going forward?
Transparency and to continue to support the educational programs across the state.

What would you like to say to NCUS members new and old and those considering serving on the board?
As an educator, being involved is crucial to the growth of your program. As a sonographer and an educator it is a great way to learn and network with great professionals--including physicians and vendors to create a rewarding and production career.