In describing to non-imagers how operator-dependent ultrasound can be, consider this metaphor of walking into a radiologist's dark room, with an imaging technologist as a guide. With most modalities, the technologist flips a switch on the wall, turning a ceiling-light on that illuminates the entire room. Everything that can be seen is on display for the radiologist to view. But with the ultrasound modality, there is no light on the ceiling. Instead, the sonographer has a flashlight, and the radiologist can only see what’s painted by the sonographer's beam.

We as sonographers have a responsibility to provide the most competent and thorough studies we can to ensure the best possible patient outcome. After graduating your primary diagnostic medical sonography program your real life education begins and continues until retirement. We all agree that we can't know everything there is to know, but we can sure keep trying. The sole purpose of North Carolina Ultrasound Society is to get all in attendance closer to the goal of knowing more. Our Fall Symposium 2014 in Concord was a great success! There was a whole lot of learning going on! We appreciate all of our speakers who came to give us some of their knowledge. We appreciate all the vendors who came to show us what products and services are available in the ultrasound field. Of course we appreciate everyone in attendance who came out to learn with us! You are all awesome!

We look forward to seeing everyone next March 13-15, 2015 in the beautiful Wilmington, NC. We already have a strong lineup of speakers. For the first time we will offer a Friday hands-on workshop tackling MSK imaging with Dr. Randy Moore. Saturday and Sunday features some very strong lectures including one of our most requested speakers, Mr. Mani Montazemi. We will be introducing to NCUS Mr. Brian Sapp who will be tackling common vascular dilemmas such as imaging those pesky calf veins.

We also look forward to more fun as we finish Saturday with a linger-longer after-party with our vendors. We would love to see everyone there.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy winter.

Keep those flashlights focused and shining bright!

Marta Thorup
NCUS President