Fall, 2013
In January 2011, the NCUS Board of Directors implemented the Student Mentoring Program, a leadership program designed to establish professional relationships between Ultrasound Practitioners and Ultrasound Students across North Carolina. The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to foster an active, participatory, professional relationship between the NCUS and students by promoting professional leadership skills. A student from each accredited Sonography program in NC is chosen by program faculty to apply to the NCUS mentoring program. The student will commit to assisting the society at the NCUS Symposiums and attend all pertinent meetings. The student will be assigned to a NCUS mentor to work with for a one year period beginning in August of each year. Mentees are required to attend a minimum of 75% of NCUS meetings (This will involve three of four scheduled meetings). The NCUS Board of Directors meeting schedule may be accessed at www.NCUS.org. Mentees are required to attend the Fall and Spring meetings and will be assigned specific duties by their NCUS Mentor.

Eligibility criteria require that a first year student be recommended by their Program Faculty and must express interest in being a part of this Mentoring program, demonstrating professional behavior and actions. The student must be in good academic standing with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA overall and demonstrate leadership through community and/or college involvement. The student must submit a Mentoring Program Application to their Program Director by March 1. The Program Director will forward the completed application to the NCUS Board of Directors for approval. Mentees are also required to present a case study for the NCUS newsletter and prepare a Case of the Day for the Annual Spring Symposium. Expenses (other than registration fees) to attend the meetings will be the responsibility of the student. Registration fees for the Fall and Spring meetings will be waived for mentees accepted into the NCUS Mentoring Program. Additional information about the NCUS Mentoring Program may be obtained by visiting http://ncus.org/mentoringinfo.pdf

The first mentees selected for the NCUS Mentoring Program were Laurie Reinhardt and Nefer Patton, both serving beyond expectations at the Spring and Fall symposiums. Laurie graduated from the medical sonography program at Johnston Community College and Nefer graduated from the medical sonography program at South Piedmont Community College. Their professionalism and leadership have been instrumental in the continued development of the NCUS Mentoring Program and both will continue to serve in the Mentoring Network through the NCUS. Thank you Laurie and Nefer for such a great first year!

2013 – 2014 NCUS Mentees are: Randy Gay from Johnston Community College, Hudson O’Keefe from Cape Fear Community College and Irina Makovskaya from South Piedmont Community College.