Fall, 2013
Jennifer Epperly, RDMS, RDCS

Staff Sonographer

Dept of OB-GYN

Brody School of Medicine
East Carolina University

Greenville, NC

Jennifer, tell us why and how you became a sonographer?

As a radiologic technologist, I was working in special procedures and the cath lab.  Ultrasound was a very new imaging modality at that time and the hospital needed another sonographer.  I was offered the opportunity to attend a short 3 month training program if I agreed to work at that hospital for 2 years as a sonographer.  I have always wanted to learn 'new things' in my job, so I took that opportunity.

Jennifer continued her education while working as a sonographer and earned a BS in Radiology Administration at the Medical College of Virginia.  She has her registry in Abdomen, Adult Echocardiography, Breast and Obstetrics/Gynecology.

What do you like most about the profession?

I  like knowing my input on cases is important to the physician and that I am an integral part of the patient's care.

The least about the profession?

The entertainment factor.  Patients underestimate the importance of their sonography exam.  I am also disappointed in the profession's lack of advancement of the ultrasound practitioner as a mid-level provider.

Does anything encourage you about the direction sonography is heading as a profession?

I am encouraged by advances in technology with regards to instrumentation and how it may one day allow shortened scan time for complete studies.

What would you want to say to new sonographers and sono students to encourage them?
Whenever you are offered an opportunity to learn something new or do something different, DO IT!